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Currently, the "view" link to my data usage has been re-enabled. However, when I go to that page, the data is missing.

Normally, it would show my usage up to midnight, the day before.

Now it is empty. SL playing more games.

Original review posted by user Dec 12, 2018

I don't have unlimited level of service. If you don't have unlimited data use, not being able to monitor monthly and daily usage, can and will cost you money.

In the past couple of weeks, SL has disabled that feature on my account. After chatting w/ a rep, I was told it was temporary...the system was being upgraded. Since no other online tool has been affected like this (disabled), I feel confident it was done on purpose to either get me to upgrade my level of service or cost me money in overage fees. Neither is acceptable to me.

I don't need behavior manipulation like this, after being a loyal customer for 20 yrs or more. I don't like being shut out of all the killer deals on unlimited data being offered to new customers only, either.

Attached pic shows the "view" link missing from my data usage category.

Product or Service Mentioned: Suddenlink Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Enable data usage online tool..

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Exactly my complaint! - I keep going over my data, but the option to see the "survey" of my usage is no longer available. I'm calling tomorrow to request, not a survey, but a DETAIL of my usage for the last several months.

to Suddenlinkdatausage #1614936

After receiving a notice I had used 70% of my quota yesterday, I called customer support again. I had been told previous week by another rep, and in the mssg, I would have to call them to get my data usage.

This sends up all kinds of red flags, having them remove my access to my data usage. I would go from being prudent in my use, to being blind, and having to believe their numbers, w/out any over sight from me. They could tell me right now I was over my limit and would be forced to pay penalty for more data usage. The rep last night, at first told me I had used 121 1/2 GB of my 350 GB quota.

I told him I didn't believe him and pasted my mssg from SL re the 70% usage (which would be 245 GB) and being requested to pay more for unlimited data. He then, "after further review", said he could not access my data due to unforeseen issues w/ upgrading their servers. I told him that was not truthful either, and that this manipulation was purposeful to get more money from me. For that one link to data monitoring to have been disabled, it was evident the code in their software had been tweaked to remove it.

Why would all the other online tools still work, but that one doesn't? So, I caught them in another lie re being able to get an accurate data use number from them on line. I told him this was unacceptable and wanted my data monitoring to be re-enabled. He said he would pass on my concerns.

I'm looking elsewhere for options, maybe even making my smartphone a hot spot. Whenever one company gets swallowed up by another, this kind of thing is the norm.

New eyeballs see opportunities to make more money, and this is one way to do it. All of the negative stories re Altice on this forum don't bode well for their customer service.

to BriefZebra274 #1621805

On December 24, I had my sister check her SL account for data usage access. She was able to monitor her account.

It was apparent my monitoring ability was selectively disabled. Two days later, my data usage link was re-enabled.

I got no message from SL about it being restored. As of the 26th, the data was accessible again.

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