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Trash Trash Trash!!! Theyre Liars And Thieves!

I transferred my services to a new address a few months ago and have had nothing but issues ever since! My bills had never went $160 prior to the move then they jumped up to nearly $250, I called and asked why and they said it was a prorated charge because of the transfer date but reassured me that I would never see another bill over $160 again, which was complete *** because ALL my bills were over $200 after the move! Last month I received one for $431! I called and asked why and they said that I was behind which that too was complete *** because I took my bank statements that showed that ALL my bills had been paid in full!!!

So then they said oh no it was because we went over on our WiFi which I had specifically told them that I wanted UNLIMITED when I called and did my transfer! After arguing with them several times I finally spoke to 2 SO CALLED supervisors who told me that they were going to pull the recordings from when I did my transfer and they heard that I really did ask for unlimited that they would reimburse me, they told me to call back in 1 week to give them time to be able to go back to end of May beginning of June recordings and theyd have a response for me! one month later, several attempts, and several customer reps. later I have had zero response!!!

I paid the $431 because I was told by a few supervisors Id be reimbursed for the overage once they went over the recordings but I called again a couple days ago and that customer service rep was actually honest when I asked about the recordings and my Reinbursment, he asked politely Maam do you want me to lie to you or tell you the truth? Which I obviously asked for the truth, and he said there are no recordings and they dont even have records of when the supervisors told me theyd reimbursed me! He said that it was a lie and to please dont keep my hopes up and wasting my time because nothing was going to be done and he hates that theyve been giving a senseless runaround for so long! He then proceeded to tell me that I could forget about the overage on the $431 bill but that he had good news though, that my account had been upgraded to UNLIMITED and that this time for real for real I wouldnt receive a bill over $150 so I had now choice but to accept the fact the the $431 were gone and not coming back!

But I was relieved when he said my next bill was only going to be $150 something, UNTIL..... I was going to pay my pill yesterday and it said that I now owe nearly $500 this month!!! Its completely *** They LIE and they STEAL from their customers ! $500???

Thats a whole car AND insurance payment!!! Who in the world can afford to pay $500 for cable and WIFI??? This is complete *** So guess whos NOT paying that bill and is currently looking for a new provided in the Tyler area??? Me!!!

You would think that during this hard times, a freakin PANDEMIC these filthy rich, greedy *** would try to help people, but NOOO, these money hungry thieves are out to cheat you and steal from you with their slow *** WiFi!!! I couldnt find a phone number for corporate either so that sucks!!!

User's recommendation: Don’t Do It! Suddenlink Has ZERO INTEGRITY! They Are disloyal to their customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Suddenlink Wireless Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Suddenlink Pros: I feel robbed and lied to, Never had any issues prior to my transfer.

Suddenlink Cons: Lpoor quality of service, Broken promises, Suddenlink has no integrity no loyalty or honesty, Wifi is slow and unreliable just like them.

Location: Rice Road, Tyler, TX 75703

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