Called when told increase was coming again. Said would keep my price same.

Received bill and price increase remained. This happens every year and never comes with an explanation. So I started calling the next business day as no calls are no longer accepted anymore other than specific weekday times. That's ok but I called at 10 am Monday, wait 30 minutes.

Hangs up. Called a few minutes later. Same thing in about 5 minutes. 3rd call.

Spoke to Cecilia. She hung up. I did nothing but start explaining. Not angry etc.

Nice. Called again. Made it where I could request a call back after 20 or more things to get there in the automated garbage. Got a call in about 20 minutes.

Suddenlink hung up when I answered. A second call came in a few minutes late. Suddenlink again was silence when I answered. I tried using my cell phone (the other was a Suddenlink land line where I was getting called back with silence.) The cell phone would connect and hang up 2 times.

So I tried land line again. Held for a long time after all the entries and garbage automated system. Finally someone answered. I told the agent about the month ago call where I was told no increase.

That fell on deaf ears and finally was offered a $5 reduction in the increase. I had no alternative and accepted. They have a monopoly where I am at and the most horrid service I have ever seen. The never have got close to providing the internet speed I pay for and email me constant to upgrade.

Sorry excuse for a business. Worst I have ever seen. And since I just hung up they called again multiple time and I finally got the agent calling and told them I had already talked to someone.

He did not understand me and had limited English. I finally said we are done and hung up.

User's recommendation: If any other choice go for the other!

Location: 4402 Williams Drive, Georgetown, TX 78628

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