I have schedule this service a month in advance for our move. First appointment was Friday, June 19th.

The contractor showed up and basically didnt want the to do the job. He stated that he had talk to his boss and someone would be out here Monday, June 22nd to do the outside wiring! NO ONE SHOWED UP! Reschedule to

Have my services set up on Tuesday, June 23rd between 2 pm - 5 Pm!

Spoke to Angelo the on Monday and he guaranteed that EVERYTHING was set up for Tuesday, June 23rd NO ONE SHOWED UP AGAIN! NO PHONE CALL NOTHING TODAY THEY WERE NOT COMING. UNACCEPTABLE BUSINESS PRACTICES! Called about 4:48 pm on Tuesday, June 23rd - the lady said that someone would call me back in 30 minutes to an hour!

AGAIN NO ONE CALLED ME BACK!! But it was supposed to be escalated again. So here we are at Tuesday, So after an hour I placed another call and got this new representative June 23rd get some girl that I could barely understand to begin with she said that they would be out Thursday, June 25th to do the outside wiring and setup my service. She keep stating that the SRO would call me after he was done outside.

Again I ask her if the services would be turned on that day she said YES! I ask to speak to a supervisor numerous times and she would not transfer me at all. Please listen to the call as a training issue of what not to do. I asked for a conformation in am email that this was actually schedule she stated that this could not be done but have previously received 3 emails regarding appointment times.

Actually got one today, June 23rd for the schedule appointment on Friday, Iune 19th. This is 100% unacceptable business practice. I hope I will not be charged for ANY installation charges.

I expect to receive and email or phone call immediately. I want to try to understand why I could not be transferred to a supervisor.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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