Good morning, Ive been trying to solve this issue since beginning of July. I had been without services for weeks without real communication.

Suddenlink reps have lied numerous times. I made payments for not having services and was told i would get a credit. I let 2 weeks go by without services still and i was billed again. So i canceled.

Then i was told i couldnt get a credit due to me canceling. I was out of services from July 10th to aug 3 which is when i cancel. I was told many times the a supervisor would call before i canceled, still no call and i kept getting the run around from suddenlink. So i still have yet to get a credit and Im being called by a debt collection for $65.

I paid in July 1st $107.17 , July 26th $116.66 , August 23rd $126.18. Again i did not have service since July 10.

I feel i may have to take this for legal action. Due to no one has corrected this and had ample opportunity and information to do so.

User's recommendation: Do not be nice when it comes to lack of service and promises to return calls. It gets you nowhere with this company.

Location: Lubbock, Texas

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