Suddenlink has dropped Viacom in order to save themselves money, without saving their customers money. This hit is only at the expense of the customers and we've been compensated with utterly useless channels in place of the ones we've lost.

To make the situation worse, they're running a "by popular demand" marketing plan to try and convince their consumer base that they chose to bend over and take Suddenlink's abuse. I'm sorry, but I don't think a hypnotist could convince anyone that viewers would toss out Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV, and VH1 for Sprout, FXX, Hallmark, the Oprah Winfrey Network and a whole bunch of *** I've never heard of.

The only way this could be a popular opinion is if Suddenlink's viewership is made up by 80+ year old women. I will be dropping my TV service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Suddenlink Tv Service.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Location: College Station, Texas

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Pissed customer your not alone! Been dealing with this *** suddenlink for years---bill increases con stantly, lousy service, faulty products, rude customer service, no issues are resolved, prices go up again, internet service still on an off, new upgraded equipment----wow never works--send a tech 4 hours to find out they never actived a box, call complaints "I understand" I am sorry" I can do nothing" ALL a bunch of crap!

I want to sue them! they have caused horrible problems, upsets and they are a HORRIBLE company!@


They're making satellite service look good even in a major storm


Sudden[un]link is successfully competing with comcast for the "worst of the worst" title!


They won that title


They took tht title hands down. Their internet sucks can't stay connected for more than a few minutes. They need to get their act together or keep losing customers


I was enticed to switch to Sudden Link with a promise of both free installation and a $150 Amazon gift card. When the first bill came I called one of the worst CS operations I have ever dealt with and was told that they would adjust on the next bill so I paid full amount.

The next bill came with no adjustment so once again I addressed the issue and was told that you don't get both free installation and $150 gift. I was promised both and I was was on a speaker phone and I have 3 witnesses but I let it go. After several months passed again I asked about my $150 gift and I was assured that I was qualified and given a toll free # to the 3rd party administrator of the program who said they had no information on me. I was also promised faster internet on their 400 program but found I had gained nothing so I eventually upgraded to 1G To get it working took 6 service calls from technicians as their 2 boxes were conflicting and causing chronic intermittent internet and other system issues none of which had any thing to do with the 1 wiring connection but I was charged $60 for repairing a wiring issue that never existed.

A wiring issue caused my internet to drop at 2 pm daily???? They refused to pay claiming I paid my first bill late. They never sent any kind of late notice and I heard this for the first time after filing a Pissed Consumer Complaint.

Its a scam that needs the decision makers deposed in a class action... Count me in.


Been there, done that.


we just moved to WV from Florida, and only been with sudden link since end of April last week or so, been nothing but issues since , took two days to install it, man got stuck sideways in our driveway almost went over the hill, trying to turn around on a muddy slope small space heavy rear-end , was at our home for hours , evens AAA wouldn't help him, then next day had to come our again due to issues, not working , then suppose to install 2 HD DVR boxes instead they bring one and three regular boxes, week later order to bring other HD DVR box installed it but didn't program it , nor connect it to the company, ever since it hasn't worked right, now have to wait two weeks to get it registered and running, keeps shutting completely down, and rebooting, sound half the time don't work , called week ago told them the other living room regular box was not needed, they say we have to look up store and take item to them when we are the ones paying them for it and borrowing the system from them. each and every time you speak with them or listen to the beginning of call , it's always the amount you owe them for something that isn't working and hasn't ever since day one.

they should not be able to charge you full price when you haven't evens been able to watch it comfortably the whole time without nonstop issue daily, or no service 80% of the month you have it, plus wanting to charge you a full month ahead that you haven't watched yet, so if you get rid of it before that next month they made a full month of payment off you for no service no more that is dead wrong, they tax you to death all kinds of tax charges put on you for things that don't evens pertain to the services, unreal.

the Stick , or Roku now a days is the way to go, with internet only. but need the one that gives local channels as well.

@Laycie Ujr

suddenlink sucks and they overcharge 4 their "service" LOL !!!!!!!!!!!


I believe with todays new technology Suddenlink is loosing money hand over fist. First my television bill went sky high.

Called and was told "well what do you expect? You are watching Netflix." Um could you tell me how much the overage is in terms of money? No we can not do that. Cancelled tv service.

Still have internet. Had to go up to the highest speed because I am a sinner and watch Netflix. Bottom line now I am paying $100.00 per month just for internet. When I questioned the customer service rep.

she stated "internet is a luxury" Are you kidding me? I hope Suddenlink has to file for bankruptcy.

I am not the only one they have screwed in our area. People are dropping them like flies.


You're insulting my 82 year old mother who is by no means a bumbling idiot (you will lose your shirt if you assume the worst). She doesn't even watch TV except for travel shows, informational documentaries, and some music.

Then it's only on as background for her hobbies and chores. I don't like your vulgarity which makes it perfectly clear how much time you spend glued to the telescreen absorbing the sickness that radiates from it.


Suddenlink has the worst channel selection of any cable company I've ever had. They really do suck!


Not only did Suddenlink raise the rates of their service just months after dropping some of the most popular channels to, as they say, "save the customer money" -now these greedy people have internet data caps, which by the way didn't inform us until we went over.

We can complain all we want, fact of the matter is, Suddenlink doesn't care enough to change things


Can you please add Day star to your list on cable channels. Direct tv has it, it is based out of Dallas Texas. Thanks


Hi Kimmer – My name is Kacie, and I’m with Suddenlink. I’d be happy to share your interest with the team responsible for evaluating possible channel additions.

Please feel free to email me directly at socialsupport-AT-suddenlink-DOT-com. Thank you, -Kacie

@Tina Lxh

Thats their worthless response..."hi I'm kacie" what a bunch of b.s. that kacie is a fake


The thing that I can not forgive Suddenlink for is not having all the local "Over-The-Air Channels". To get a couple of the local College Station channels, I had to hook up an antenna to my TV.

Wife hates the antenna, but it is because Suddenlink does not carry all local channels. It must be because PBS just does not pay Suddenlink as much as Suddenlink wants to carry the channels.




My local Suddenstink (love that name!) office says it would have added $5 - FIVE BUCKS - to our bill. Well, we're now getting rid of $20+ worth, so...?

She also said the office had no idea until the day before that channels were changing and had hoards of people coming in to yell at them for the next week or so.

I so miss The Daily Show on Comedy Central... And no, they didn't survey anyone in our area at all.

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