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Sudden link is charging us and many many other for internet service that is not being provided full and because there the only ones who can service many areas the customer has no choice but to pay for service they don't receive full this in any other business would be theft .. so I am starting a list of all there victims to try and get restitution for this crime if you wish to join me email me at bblynn007@gmail.com

Review about: Suddenlink Wireless Internet Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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scorpionmotorsports@hotmail.com please include me.


I downgraded to the 50mbps from unlimited to save 20$ and suddenlink started blocking my devices. The service representative said they do that since they updated the 50mbps and now iphones and htcs are blocked.

She said they would send a technician, but nothing has changed. She said basically i would have to upgrade to the unlimited again. I've been trying to get them to stop automatically extending service an extra month because they are getting an extra 10$ out of me every month and it stacks.

I'm in an area where they are the only cable internet provider and they are taking advantage. docwheela@gmail.com


davidmowbray868@gmail.com And Samdjohnston93@gmail.com


Please include me broclee89@gmail.com


I set up payment last month, and the final bill was supposed to be 106.99 plus tax. The bill they sent me was 131 plus tax.

I called to figure out why my bill changed so much, and they said it's because of the fee's. No one said anything about fees when I set up my account, and when I looked online it didn't include any sort of fee in the final bill I'd be receiving.

They lied directly to me about my bill. whill1994@yahoo.com

to William #1546574

I asked them to breakdown their fees. They said city and local.

I asked to see the payment to the city for fees and another for video fees. They couldn’t answer my question so they just credited me.


Include meJenelandreneau@yahoo.com

to Jana #1510404

Please include my husband too!Fslandreneau@yahoo.com


Please include my husband and I!!! We are being charged $130 for a phone modem we never had!!!

We are also paying $95 a month for cable that works when it wants and the audio goes out while watching. To call a tech out is a joke because they NEVER show up yet make you sit and wait ALL DAY FOR THEM!!

It’s not just internet they screw customers with, their service is atrocious all the way around!! But go ahead and try not paying your bill, somehow a tech shows up IMMEDIATELY to turn the service off, this company is a rip off and I don’t know how they are still in business ripping people off everyday!!!!


Please include me on your list. I live inside the city limits of my town however no other option for internet is available.

I am paying $98 a month for internet only ( no cable or phone..just internet ). Charge is based on a 30 meg download however I have never seen highter that 12 meg ( have speedtest.net history to prove this.

) If Suddenstink is the only game in town, then that's called a monopoly and that's against the Federal Free Trade Practices if I'm not mistaken. Honestly I would be happy to pay $33 a month since I'm receiving 33% of the signal I am supposed to receive, but since Suddenfinks won't deal with that, I would feel vindicated to sue for overpayment...watchlizard@yahoo.com


Please include me as well kressmisty@outlook.com I've been paying 200 a month for everything everyone has commented then some.


Please include me


Just getting ready to file suit against them for a similar claim as well as the company holding me hostage. Will be also given to states attorney and attorney general.


I am in. Been without internet since May 10th and they say they can't get a tech to my place to fix until June 25th.

If i don't pay my bill due on June 1st they will cancel that appt. I am just supposed to pay for service I am not receiving.


I’m in. Charge way too much for shitty service especially w the internet. It’s horribletfonten01@yahoo.com

to Theresa #1483650

Email to: tfonten01@yahoo.com


Count me in @bunthea@att.net


Lawsuit? I'm in. zeroequalsone1@gmail.com..


“SUDDENLINK SUCKS!” Getting t-shirts made. Who wants to buy one?

Car magnets & yard signs. Worst company ever!!!!

to Kincaide #1475990

That's a great idea! We can run a nationwide smear and shame campaign.

On shirts say " Suddenlink customer?

Better call Saul! Lol "

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