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Sudden link is charging us and many many other for internet service that is not being provided full and because there the only ones who can service many areas the customer has no choice but to pay for service they don't receive full this in any other business would be theft .. so I am starting a list of all there victims to try and get restitution for this crime if you wish to join me email me at bblynn007@gmail.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Suddenlink Wireless Internet Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Were you able to launch this law suit? I'm in the process of changing providers now.

Suddenlink added multiple services and charges to that I did not request to my bill.

They have also contended that I'm responsible for these charges in one manner or another. Their service is horrible and customer service is worse!


My bill keeps going up and there’s a randomn enhancement fee as well


Have not had internet service for over a week. I have called six times and was able to speak with three people who provided no help or answers.

The third customer service rep laughed at me and could not tell me the names of his supervisors. He also denied my requests to be transferred to management. We are in Tyler. They stated there was an outage but that it had been fix so I should not have a problem.

I explained that I still have zero internet. They’ve done nothing to resolve this.


Throw the Archambault family in there because we are being charged for services that didnt even exist at the time. They took several weeks to get service to us and are charging us 300 dollars claiming payment is past due when we've only had them one month. It has been absolute B.S., customer service is a bunch of liars and thieves and I can't wait to see At&t out in DeRidder, La laying down their fiber!


I just want reimbursed for the services I paid for and did not receive, and paid for time waiting on them for repairs.


I’m having issues. Got a $60 charge for service call.

The guy shows up, but problem had resolved. First after waiting >1 hour on phone to report the problem it was 6 days before tech could come to check about it. They refuse to remove the charge.

Cancelled this service and now takes almost two weeks for them to turn it off! I want in on any class action lawsuits against this business.


These guys are the pits, took back the equipment and canceled my service in the store in August, now being billed and threatened with collections. They claim “ didn’t cancel properly!” I guess when you don’t have a contract..you’re locked in for life. Lawsuit looks like the only way out..where do I sign up


Suddenlink sucks! Count me in!


Im on board I live in bullhead. It seems to me that they even turn the sevice off at night while we are asleep like clockwork.

I can tell cuz my security cameras notify me. I called them out on it.

And tbey swear up and down they do not. But the tech today said he hears that alot in this area.


Please count me in.


Count me in


Yes the internet sucks it cuts on and off and doesn’t work great at all


Is this still happening?? With the lawsuit anyone know? Thanks!


Wondering myself..


All I have to say is 4 kids, school work, work work, and a stupid "service outage in you area" for 4 freaking days!! This is ridiculous.

Like EVERYONE is saying, it doesn't matter how bad your service or lack thereof, they dont miss a beat on that super expensive bill! AHHHHH!!!!


Suddenlink called and offered me a special to return..my first bill was teice what they offered..they called me a liar.. A month later they found the recording. Admitted they were wrong and attempted a Bait and switch..we agreed on a new cost and to erase previous cost..they continued to double my bill till i returned equipment


Any updates on when to get in on the lawsuit? I’m sick to death of them being allowed to do customers this way and still demanding full payments for services not rendered!


Wondering myself...


The foreigner who bought this company owns cable companies internationally. After the telecommunications companies were all broken up due to so called ‘monopolies’, Judge Greene caused worse than monopolies.

They can’t even be reached to fix problems. The owner doesn’t care. He is a multi billionaire.

This is what he does. There is no one to go for help.


Is this company being sued anytime soon