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Sudden link is charging us and many many other for internet service that is not being provided full and because there the only ones who can service many areas the customer has no choice but to pay for service they don't receive full this in any other business would be theft .. so I am starting a list of all there victims to try and get restitution for this crime if you wish to join me email me at

Review about: Suddenlink Wireless Internet Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I am in. Been without internet since May 10th and they say they can't get a tech to my place to fix until June 25th.

If i don't pay my bill due on June 1st they will cancel that appt. I am just supposed to pay for service I am not receiving.


I’m in. Charge way too much for shitty service especially w the internet. It’s

to Theresa #1483650

Email to:


Count me in


Lawsuit? I'm in.


“SUDDENLINK SUCKS!” Getting t-shirts made. Who wants to buy one?

Car magnets & yard signs. Worst company ever!!!!

to Kincaide #1475990

That's a great idea! We can run a nationwide smear and shame campaign.

On shirts say " Suddenlink customer?

Better call Saul! Lol "


Count me in! I just canceled service with them and they are trying to charge me another month with no help on getting equipment back to them.

They said there is no office near me and to have the equipment picked up would cost A lot.

They lied and said high speed internet and we were running at 1.5! Please contact me at

to Tammy #1472411



please include me as well!


Please include me as well.


I am also considering a class action lawsuit - they got me to sign up by telling me that I would have all installation charges waived - the rep "didn't leave any notes to that effect" so now I'm stuck paying for 5 different installation charges that I NEVER agreed to and would not have had I known about them. The supervisor I spoke to refused to reverse the charges.Please contact me at to discuss the class action lawsuit.Thank you,Vanessa Correa


My father mentioned this to me this morning, he was thinking about asking an attorney about a class action lawsuit, I said I would see what information is available and found this.Yes, he's interested if it moves forward


let me know when you are going to sue.


We’ve had issues since we got them and they’re the only provider in the area so far. Their customer service is {{Redacted}}, their overall service is {{Redacted}}.

I pay $200 a month for service I rarely get.

They need to be sued or investigated. They’re criminals.


Yes they overcharge mostly poor people in the rural area where the customers cant afford to overpay but they have no choice They also are supposed to offer low income a special deal the website said $10 internet but when i called and asked they said they offered no low-income programs but the website says differently


Absolutely!! Class action lawsuit!!!


Suddenlink is going to start charging for the HD DTA and remotes required to get see cable TV on my Smart TV. See the information below from my latest bill.

My question is... if that HD DTA or BOX is required to descramble or decrypt their signal so that I can actually watch - how is is legal for Suddenlink to now charge me extra for this equipment that is required? Also, I am charged a $5.15 'Sports Programing Surcharge' for channels I don't want and never watch. I am also charged $10.00 for 'Broadcast Station Surcharge' for channels I am getting by using an antenna with better picture quality.

So I will be paying $40.00 extra a month for nothing! Time to dump them!

You currently receive equipment necessary to descramble or

decrypt the basic service tier signals (either a set-top box or

CableCARD) free of charge. Effective with your next billing cycle,

Suddenlink will begin charging you for the equipment you received

to access basic service when Suddenlink started encrypting those channels on your cable system.

The monthly charge for the HD DTA will be $3.50 Beginning with your November bill statement, the monthly rate for each non DVR cable box (including remote) will be $10.00 a month. For current pricing, please see the "Monthly Charges" section of this bill.


Let me guess you have a plan for up to 200mb but only get 199 or something similar? The key to this is the part that says "up to".

Perhaps you have an outdated computer/tablet/router/etc that isn't capable of getting the full speed. But no matter what your issue I guarantee that at the modem you are getting full speed if you've bothered to have a technician come out.

to Anonymous Lake Havasu City, Arizona, United States #1353658

Let me work for, their service sucks...I pay for 400 service, and as I'm writing this I'm getting 4...that's right...F-O-U-R...4 megs...suddenlink is garbage...but only choice if you want any kind of fiber can't come fast enough....

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