The absolute hands down, no questions, worst customer service policy, of any company, much less a public service company, that I have ever heard of or experienced in my 45 year life. Its impossible to speak to a human & when you use there website to file a formal complaint or problem with there service, it still doesnt get resolved, no matter how many times you issue the same complaint with them.

Either they really dont care or they are just throwing the compliments in the trash either way not a good business practice to the people who are keeping your business alive. If they keep to the same practice I do see the company going bankrupt in the near future or being bought out by a larger company for pennies on the dollar.

My advice dont join or just leave now & wait for the inevitable collapse or sell off of this company, then come in after the change of management & hope its run better & more efficiently. With more emphasis put on the customer needs, you know those of us who make it possible for them to even have a company.

User's recommendation: Wait for inevitable collapse & reopen under new ownership before joining.

Product or Service Mentioned: Suddenlink Manager.

Preferred solution: To speak to a actual human so I can better explain my problems .

Suddenlink Pros: Competitive prices.

Suddenlink Cons: All customer service practices & others.

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