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I moved back to my hometown a couple months ago and set up my internet service with Suddenlink. I previously used them when I lived here before and never once had an issue. So my situation was I had to switch banks shortly after I moved back to my hometown because the bank I was using did not have a branch in town.

So I changed my auto draft from my old bank to my new bank about 3 weeks before my auto draft was scheduled to come out. According to their website that should have been more than enough time for them to not try to take it out from my old account.

Well they did try to draft out of my old bank account and of course it was rejected. This resulted in my old bank charging me a 25.00 fee for returned check. when I saw this happened I called them immediately and spoke to a wonderful young lady who was extremely helpful. I explained the situation and she put me on hold to see what they could do. She said simply pay your bill as a single time payment and we will remove the returned check charge that we charge for these situations usually.

I did make that payment and I was told that the return check charge would likely take a few days to actually get removed and since my new bill was already generated that its going to show that 30.00 charge on it. I said okay thank you very much and hung up.

Fast forward to this month where my bill which is 101.48 was scheduled to come out of my new bank with no issues. Well they drafted 131.48 because no one removed my returned check fee. This caused my new bank to overdraft and return the auto draft. I was at the end of my paycheck and had exactly in there what my charge was supposed to have been for. So I had to call my new bank and explain the situation to them and they as a one time courtesy agreed to remove their NSF fee. So I again picked up the phone to call Suddenlink Customer Service and explained to the rep I spoke to what happened prior and what happened as a result of what I had been told before. They explained I see where an adjustment was supposed to be made and that she would ensure that it was taken care of and I should see it reflected in 7-10 business days. She instructed they would remove both last months and the new 30.00 return check fee that would happen as a result of this latest returned check and that all I would need to do is long on and pay my regular bill amount.

So a couple days past and I logged on to try to pay my bill only to find out that my service was disrupted due to non payment and that I would need to now pay 171.48 in order to take care of both return check fees and 10.00 for a reconnect fee. However it told me I could not make the payment online and I had to talk to customer service. Well it was Christmas and so they were closed. So I called back the day after and the rep I talked too said no one made any notes saying they would take care of those fees and that they consider the charges valid regardless of the situation and that they would not be removed. So I went to the escalation desk where I was told the exact same information. I was on the phone with them for a couple hours.

Of course I think its ridiculous that I have 70.00 extra dollars to pay that is a direct result of errors they made on their end of things. So I hang up and try back again later that afternoon and the first person I talked to said well I see where one was being waved but you had 2 more and I explained thats not the case. I said if one was being waved then the 2nd one would never have happened in the first place. She of course sent me on to someone else who I argued with for quite a bit about it and they absolutely refuse to budge on this. She stated that the charges are valid and that under no circumstance will they wave them or credit them.

I got very irate with her because I said you had 2 reps lie to me, either through ignorance or just not wanting to make me mad on the phone with them. I said I know you record all your calls so someone needs to review those calls and hear where they lied right to my face about what would happen, It is unacceptable for authorized representatives of your business to lie to my face for any reason and then you as a business say we won't honor what they said because they were wrong about what they said.

What this all boils down to is if the first girl I spoke to last month told me that they could not wave those charges and that I would have to pay it on my next bill I would have kept enough in my account to cover the extra 30.00 and wouldn't have faced a further 40.00. I wouldn't have been happy about it but I would have just dealt with it and moved on.

But now here I am with no other option but to pay everything they want me to pay because they are the only provider in my area that can provide the speeds I need for my work. I only work from home a couple days a week but I am required to maintain internet access for when I need to do so.

On top of that because this was the 2nd return check for me within 90 days I am now on a cash only basis for the next 120 days, which means either I have to call customer service and pay over the phone and be charged a 10.00 convenience fee or I have to go to their local Suddenlink Store and pay in cash in person. So in addition to having to pay fees I shouldn't owe in the first place, I am further inconvenienced by having to go get the money out of my bank each month and drive to their office to pay them.

If you have any other option just don't do Suddenlink. Its a cautionary tale to be sure.

Product or Service Mentioned: Suddenlink Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $70.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Suddenlink Pros: Faster internet, Installations are done efficiently and fast.

Suddenlink Cons: Dishonest business practices know problem but wont fix it, Monopoly in area or would long be out of business.

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