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First month with suddenlink internet.Data usage jumped to 87% of allotted cap of 250.

The Previous 24 hours I did not use any data and all my devices had wifi turned off the very next day my data had jumped from 87% to 109% how is that possible when there was no usage this definitely borders on fraud I will definitely call them. I have cellular data, hotspot data and I can go to restaurants and use public wifi at any rate when I don't use it how can it go up 22%!!!



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When I turn on a laptop that previously used the suddenlink network and switch immediately to my hot spot data with Verizon, suddenlink charges me a .1 GB. Why should I be charged anything if I didn't use . I think all credibility with Suddenlink as far as data monitoring is lost.


Put a bandwidth monitoring device on your network so you have real data to come at them with.I have long suspected they are fudging the numbers on internet usage.

I am gone typically several days a month and almost always take my internet using devices with me.

When I check my daily charts at Suddenlink they typically show me with at least 1GB of usage when I'm gone and there is nothing on my network.1GB is a LOT of data, especially considering that's approx my WHOLE monthly usage on my phone data plan.

I'm considering monitoring my own bandwidth and confronting them to explain the discrepancies.

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