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I ordered the suddenlink double play for $79.99 per month. In the double play advertisement they listed the 150 channels you would get for $79.

In my first bill I noted charges of $10 for local service and $5 for sports channels. When I contacted suddenlink and spoke with customer service rep....she informed me that the local service charge was for local CBS, NBC and ABC channels. The $5 charge was for ESPN and ESPN2 and Fox Sports. I informed rep that those channels were already listed under the channels received for the $79 package under channel listing.

Her response was along the lines of..."we know this but management refuses to change their advertising or to stop the surcharges". Nice...

Come on suddenlink...either clean up your advertising (I chose $79 package based on channels listed) or stop extra billing for channels listed under double play package. Its false advertising.

Product or Service Mentioned: Suddenlink Double Play Bundle.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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I canceled my Suddenlink tv and internet today. The first question they asked was "are you changing to another service" Why wasn't the question "are you moving or having any issues?" All they cared about is if I was going with someone else.I was (was) a long time customer with SL.

My bill kept going up and up over time. I'm now paying a lot more then new users and other folks I know. WHY? The answer was my plan was set and that's what they go by.

WHY - Because I'm a good long time customer and they think I'm just gonna pay and pay and pay.

Well no more $$$ from me. I'm moving on to someone else who will treat me like a real person...


suddenlink is the worst. they charge too many and does not explain each charge independently.

time warner is way better.

the bundle packages include extra unexplained charges. this is why they dont give you an itemized cost plan.

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