I had no service from Suddenlink for internet and TV from 8/26 to approx 10/21 due to Hurricanes Laura and Delta.

Timeline of events:

8/26 Hurricane Laura hit us

Received a bill for service for the period of 8/24-9/23. This bill was inadvertently paid.

Credit was requested several times.

10/9 Hurricane Delta hit us.

Received a bill for the period of 9/24-10/23. Did not pay this bill and requested credit several times on line.

9/28 Called Suddenlink and was finally able to get through to a customer service representative. Cancelled service and was told a technician would pickup equipment on 10/12. I was told that credits will be issued.

10/14 Technician never showed up.

Called Suddenlink and was able to get through to a customer service representative. Was told Suddenlink doesn't send techs to pickup equipment. I was send a Fed Ex label to box up and return equipment, which I did. I tracked the delivery.

10/27 Received a bill for the period of 10/24-11/23, which I didn't pay.

12/10 Received a call from a collection agency in New York.

The unpaid bill(s) were turned over to them by Suddenlink. I called the collection agency and had a somewhat heated conversation with them. They said all of the information I stated would be documented and turned over to their management.


I spoke with the collection agency in New York. They said the files on this at their agency are closed and no further action will happen on their part.

She admitted that they had many complaints about Suddenlink and are trying not to accept anything from them. Now, I'll wait for the next collection agency.

User's recommendation: Avoid them like the plague.

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

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