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Update by user Feb 14, 2021

After sending emails to the corporate top executives I was handed off to another customer service person. Then when I couldn’t get through to her, I was given to a rude gentleman who without reviewing my account told me to just pay my bill.

I requested a supervisor and he was hateful and condescending. I finally spoke via email to a woman and she would apply a discount in one area and it changed the bill either making it higher or decreasing the bill to only have it raised again. They do not want to listen to the consumer nor do they want to rectify what has already been done in error. It’s like talking to a brick wall with Morse code except the other end is not receiving.

Their wifi didn’t just operate a computer, it also operated my home alarm and my medical alert system since I am seriously ill. At my present state, i can’t handle the stress and anxiety over this. I am done with Suddenlink and would NEVER recommend them to anyone. I do have another provider now who is honest and decent and very responsive to my questions.

I am able to do most of what I need and will install another line for the rest of what I need. They do not jack the bill up or expect me to pay for something BEFORE they issue a credit. I am very satisfied with my service thus far. As for Suddenlink, I did want to keep their service due to my job and schooling but they are not worth the hassle.

I have started new medication for stomach ulcers, increase blood pressure dosage and anxiety due to Suddenlink. NO BUSINESS IS WORTH THAT!!!!!! I wish the corporate owners would look at what is going on at the customer service and billing lever and protect the consumers that pay their wages but we all know that isn’t going to happen.

I do know that I can now do my job, my son can get his education and hopefully I can regain my health now that Suddenlink is in the past. I wish there was something I could do to salvage the partnership but I am a VERY VERY VERY small inconsequential fish in a Very Large Ocean!!!!

Original review posted by user Jan 15, 2021

I have been associated with Suddenlink since September 7 to which that was a horrible experience I did not think could get worse.

The technician came to install my services (TV, Internet and Phone) and did not install the phone. I had internet for 3 days and then my services were disconnected for "nonpayment".

It took me till October 27 to get the account to a point that someone would help. I paid what they asked after over 50 calls to Suddenlink. Finally, a sweet older woman that was a supervisor took over and straightened out the account. 3 days later they came and REINSTALLED my services.

This occurred on October 27. I then enjoyed service till Jan 4 when my services were disconnected again for "NONPAYMENT" yet I had been calling daily to get my account balance so that I could pay the $163.73 that was supposed to be my bill. To my surprise my bill was $711.24. I almost fainted.

They were charging me for a charge on my bank account that they were not authorized to charge till the 28th of the month. I am a 20-year veteran teacher and get paid monthly. When they came to install the services the 2nd time, they said that I had a returned bank draft that I had to pay from the original charges. The supervisor said that I did not have to pay it since it was not authorized, and it was removed from the account, but someone put it back when the services were reinstalled.

Then they added charges for the technician coming 5 different times to install the phone. 2 times I was told by the technician that the phone install was not on my account. The other 3 technicians never showed up, and I am being charged for "customer was not home". One visit the representative told me it was due to inclement weather on a day that was 82 and sunny.

The other two stated I was not home, yet I got a substitute teacher and took the day off (my leave costs me 325.74 per day for a total of $651.48 in lost wages) while I sat on my front porch or in my garage with the garage door open waiting for the technician to arrive. One of the days was for a Sunday and the representative said that the technician wanted his day off, so they would reschedule me for a later day (8 days later). In the meantime during all this my son cannot attend school due to health-related issues and a risk to Covid-19. As the situations gets worse, I have requested 18 different times for a supervisor to return my call and to date I have still not gotten this taken care of and my services are now being disconnected.

Suddenlink or AT &;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; T are the only providers I choose,andd I refuse to use the other provider. I have returned the old equipment to the storeaspromisedd, and it took 3 months to get that credited to my account.

Once again, I have no service and my bill is now $901.54 and I have only had service with Suddenlink/Altice since October 27, 2020. I am begging to be heard by someone and treated like a decent human being. I have been threatened by your representatives, told I was worthless and that I was a deadbeat and to just pay my bill.

When I went to return the equipment 9 others customers came in with bill complaints and were told that billing does not do their jobs and to call the retention department and gave us all a number and sent us on our way. Again, treated like we have the plague and were all deadbeats. Several of those customers were elderly and it was horrible how they were treated. I am 56 and wasn't treated any better.

If I do not have service, I cannot do my job if my district forces us all to go remote due to the rise in Covid cases.

My son is not getting an education due to the services I am willing to pay for (regular monthly bill) but am getting charged an outrageous amount. I humbly beg you to help me with this situation. I am only one of many that are being treated and robbed of money for charges that do not make sense or are lies.

Just like you, I need the internet and other services to do my job and enjoy my life. Suddenlink has caused me to have health issues now that I am on blood pressure and medicine for an ulcer.

I am not sleeping since I am worried about my son's education. While I realize I probably will never hear from any of you I wanted to at least try. I need your help and as I sit here I have now been on hold for 1 hour and 43 minutes and transferred or called back 7 times. This is normal when I contact Suddenlink.

Do you know what the consumer is dealing with and how awful we feel when dealing with your offices? Do you know how many people are losing money to you for false charges.

This was an email that I sent to the corporate offices in New York addressed to the CEO and Customer Relations Director.

To this date they have not responded. I do not recommend Suddenlink to anyone!

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Stop the billing errors and provide the services we need in order to do our jobs and educate our children !!!!.

Suddenlink Pros: When they work it is great, Decent internet most of the time.

Suddenlink Cons: No compassion for customers, Lying workers, Difficulty in resolving problems, Billing, Charges for no show of technician.

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