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For over a month now I have been trying to get Suddenlink to resolve line issues on their end or at my point of entry. I have tested all lines after the point of entry and have achieved the same results.

Thus, the issue is at the point of entry or on their side. I have a 16x4 channel cable modem whose power levels on the downstream is all over the place. At 65-72 degrees, optimal temperature, and should be where all the bonded channels on the cable modem should be right around 0 dBmV, I have channels sitting at greater than +10 dBmV. Not to mention that I have a few downstream channels on the lower frequencies at less than +2 dBmV.

Quite the difference of power levels between bonded channels. This is not normal, nor is acceptable for many other cable service providers. I will not mention any names, but one provider requires that downstream channels be within +5 dBmV to -5 dBmV and that all downstream channels are within 2 dBmV of each other. Granted, the cable modem will operate within +15 dBmV and -15 dBmV, with a tolerance of 10 dBmV between bonded downstream channels, this should not be an issue left unresolved.

I am able to achieve my full speeds allotted at the current time, however, when the temperature outside drops 20 degrees some downstream channels are going to be out of specification at greater than +15 dBmV. There are also a couple channels that my modem always wants to bond with where the signal to noise ratio varies drastically in a short period of time. Sometimes even falling out of specification, at less than 30 dB for a power level greater than -6 dBmV. Due to the high degree of difference between the power levels of the bonded channels I am experiencing a fair percentage of corrected octets.

Even though these octets are able to be corrected it takes time to do. Being a gamer latency is a huge concern and milliseconds matter. I have had two techs out in the past month after my internet had cut out completely and had issues bonding and acquiring channels on the upstream. The last one out just replaced my cable modem and left, which may have been faulty, but did not test the other issues.

The one prior had requested a line technician come out and do work on their end. He did a couple days later, and it did fix the upstream problems for a couple weeks. However, after the line technician serviced their end, I noticed my power levels on the downstream channels were running relatively high and with a high degree of power level difference between between the lower and higher frequency channels. I emailed the supervisor that oversees the technicians in my area and expressed my concern over this issue in detail.

However, I have yet to receive a response. I just wish they would fix their issues.

Attached is the status and power levels of my modem at approximately 70 degrees outside after a reboot. As you can see there is already a percentage of corrected octets on it, with no load put on the modem.

Product or Service Mentioned: Suddenlink Cable Tv Service.

Reason of review: Unresolved technical issue.

Preferred solution: Diagnose and fix the issue causing this..

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I recently spent an hour trying everything to contact a human from Suddenlink. I now have a working method and I would like to share it with everyone so nobody else has to waste hours in a rage.


Step 1, call the Suddenlink number and wait for the main menu options.

Step 2, go to Billing.

Step 3, they will mention your street address and ask you if it is correct. Say NO.

Step 4, they will ask you to enter the last 4 digits of your social security number.

Enter a FAKE number.

Step 5, They will ask for a 4 digit pin associated with your account.Say "I don't know." Step 6, They will say that they cannot continue in the automated system and you will be given options to be directed to REAL HUMANS!!! Hope it helps!

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