Bad enough ya have to argue over and over about your bill. But being lied to about correction and having to deal with their employees that don't know what they are doing is a deal breaker.

email has been messed up and not receiving no emails for at least 3 mos is not acceptable. Final straw is when a guy named Mahmoud in another country put in a wrong email address and refused to change it back to MY real address and hung up is definitely and should be against the law!!! We have called many times in the last 2-3 weeks and still can't get suddenlink to get this fixed and restore my correct email address.. Hours on the phone should be a basis for charging suddenlink for all my time this ties up.

They owe me at this point. Because of" covid" is no excuse..I have treied calling their home office in Missouri and I get the same recording as when ya call any of their numbers.

so the home office is set up so they don;t deal with any customers and their problems. Fed up and going to disconnect this MESS and get this company and all their problems and short comings out of my hair.

User's recommendation: Don't hook up with this company. They drain you dry and you will not even rcognize your self when it's all over. it will change you.!!

Location: Pineville, Louisiana

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