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We have been with Suddenlink for many years..and we are good customers. We pay our bill on time and haven’t complained about any issues.

Several days before 12-21 I took our tv box in as it stopped working. My wife came back with another used box..but they hadn’t gave her a remote.

I took it back the next day and was given another ‘used’ box with a remote. When I got home..it wouldn’t work either. I tried all of the resets ect..it just wouldn’t work. I called all of the numbers and went through all of the suggestions..no tv.

The lady at our local office Jealine had told me we needed to get the new upgrade to Tevo. She assured me it was better and would be no additional charge. I agreed..THEY CAME THE NEXT day to install.

The service man, told me there must be some mistake on the order, because they had the wrong configuration of boxes, and that there could be a problem if it was put in ‘that way.’ So he went out and came back with an order change & the correct combination. I spoke to the lady at the Princeton office on the phone and she was obviously upset that Troy had changed her order. And they couldn’t seem to agree on anything. So he hooked the Tevos up ‘his way’and all seemed well.

Later on that evening I had trouble with the boxes saying they couldn’t connect. I literally tried for hours and couldn’t get it to work. Again, on the phone, doing all of the ‘suggestions’ from Suddenlink tutorials. I finally got it working for a bit then it went out again.

At this point I didn’t like the Tevos and talked to the lady Jealine, at the Princeton Wv office. She was obviously frustrated that the tech had changed her order, and was telling me why it should have been left the way she had it, like I SHOULD HAVE LEFT IT ALONE... Shes angry at me?! She told me the service guy would be reprimanded for questioning her decision.

I felt like I got caught in the middle of their disagreement. I don’t know anything about the equipment, and at that point I was upset and told her I just wanted my old boxes back and to forget all of this! I went home and thought about it & thought well..Ill call the lady Jeanine and try and make peace, I mean, she has a tough job and it is Christmas. Right? I done the right thing.

At the same time our internet started kicking us off the computer. I called and she assured me she would get a tech out to fix everything for us, and set it up as soon as possible.

All through the holidays we have had TV and internet problems. Patiently WAITING for someone to come. I finally got a human on the phone today, 12-27, who told me there were no orders for any service to our home! Needless to say I am so finished expecting Suddenlink at our local office to do anything!

Just wanted to make you aware of why we are looking for other options for our tv phone and internet.


Product or Service Mentioned: Suddenlink Bundle.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Suddenlink Cons: Not being able to talk to a himan, Worse support.

  • Poor Business Practice
  • terrible Internet
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