Account Number 07715-2****5-07-0 i am the partner and the property manager on this account with Robert Wallace. He has called you at least 4 times to be sure I am on the account so you can talk to me, yet you never have that note in your notes.

However, you submitted his name to a Collection Agency yet they called my personal cell.......so I know you have my information.

Longdo story short.....we sold our house and cancelled service as of 10/2/2020. New people continue with Suddenlink at same time. I paid the prorated amount on my invoice and thought the account was closed.

Nobody told me I had to return equipment - nothing. Then I receive an invoice for $549.75 for service through 11/15 and equipment charge.

Suddenlink went to the house and took our equipment and installed new for the new owner.

Why and how are you double charging for the same equipment and time frame. I have been on the phone with you at least 7 times, with management, and promised a return call. Never has happened.

Buyer has tried and our real estate agents- 2 of them have tried.

This is the WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. I pray you are not sending this to a collection agency and damaging any credit score.

Location: Rancho Cordova, California

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