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Update by user Aug 13, 2014

Realized that I would have to pay $30 extra instead of $10 for Suddenlink's mistake and abuse...

Original review posted by user Aug 11, 2014

After leaving Centurylink due to our old 3mbps + phone that cost ~$100 we changed to Suddenlink for their 15/1 for ~$50. There is no doubt the speed is stable and much better than Centurylink, but everything else is the problem. Suddenlink's connection is not quite stable, they have data caps, and you can't hold any type of server on your connection. That being said the biggest issue began about a month ago.

Our family went on vacation for 10+ days. We took all of our electronics (laptop, netbook, tablet, phone, mp3, etc). The only device connected to the modem and router was our desktops that were all turned off. We do not have a timer setup to turn on the computers at a certain time of the day. After coming back from vacation I checked our internet usage. To my surprise Suddenlink stated that we used approximately 30GB of data while we were away from home with no electronics connected to our router or modem. I contacted Suddenlink support and to make things short nothing positive happened, no useful information. I let things go because nothing could be done but I knew that there was an issue with Suddenlink's so called High Tech Bandwidth Calculator.

Well today I woke up and read an email saying we went over our 250GB again for the third time. It was highly unlikely to happen so early in our bill cycle so I went to see Suddenlink's Numbers. WOW. Suddenlink stated that we supposedly used 196.7GB of data in one day. Out of all days on a Sunday when we are away for a good 8 hours at church. As I said earlier we are subscribed to their 15/1 service. If we were to use our data at full power we could not use 196.7GB of data in 24 hours. With rough calculations we would have to be using approximately 20mbps download to use 196.7GB in 24 hours. This obviously shows there is a lot Suddenlink needs to do to bring it's technology up to good standards. From what I know they stopped all overage charges for a while because they received so many complaints about "Phantom Usage", usage of bandwidth that never happened.

How can I trust a company like this? I will fight to get this cleared and I will be happy to no longer use Suddenlink's service either. I'm done...

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Suddenlink needs to take care of long term customers by reducing their cost instead of the rising frequently. I have been a customer for 35 plus years. Please give me a break!

San Antonio, Texas, United States #1186303

I used to work for a company that took calls for them and we heard that all day every day good luck


Right ON!


Did you ever get this cleared up? I have the very same problem with Suddenlink in Kingwood, Texas

to Anonymous #1050306

Yeah, took a while but I got in contact with higher ups. They let it pass but the problem wasn't really solved.

Suddenlink Help

Hi John – My name is Ashley, and I’m with Suddenlink. This scenario is plausible when you consider the fully provisioned up and down speeds.

That being said, the pattern in the days prior suggests someone or something may have gained access to your connection, without your knowledge, and maxed it out for that day. I’d be happy to work with our team to investigate this for you.

Please feel free to contact me directly at socialsupport-AT-suddenlink-DOT-com. Thank you.

to Suddenlink Help #861085

Blow that help out of your ***

to Suddenlink Help #1050281

Standard response "somebody else did it," "must be on your end," "not our problem," "we'll still send you the bill," bullcrap. How long can this go on, legally?

I mean really.

Suddenlink doesn't have connections like ATT, they can't get away with this. I smell an Enron scenario coming.

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