If I could leave zero stars I would. Never in my life have I had such a horrible provider for anything!

Let me count the ways:

1. My internet went down so many times in 1 day I had to download an application to keep track of internet unavailability. Every day it was double digits, but when it hit 94 times in one day I had enough. I had to call every day and start with a new person because people said they were taking notes and they did not.

Finally after two months of calling, my neighborhood had the underground cables replaced.

2. I believe there are no managers in customer service. Every. Single.

Time when I would call, I had to start over with the same issue. THEN then say a manager will call....HA HA HA, the joke is on the customer, no manager EVER called.

3. No remorse for the days/weeks my TV would go out or I didn't have internet. They could care less.

The customer means nothing.

4. No contract to sign telling you what their policies are. Imagine the day I finally could go to another provider and I cancelled the 1st part of the month. I was told the policy is you pay for the full month.

I asked to please send me a document where I agreed to this....of course, you guessed it, I never received one. THEN, I disputed the amount with my bank in which SUDDENLINK AGREED WITH THE DISPUTE, then they turned around and re-billed me the next month. THEN, I called several times and even offered to pay for half of the bill and was told "that is not our policy". THEY TURNED IT OVER TO A COLLECTION AGENCY.

At this time, you now know they will mess up your credit rating, that is their goal because they are never wrong.

But the best part, they play phone tag. When you try to find a corporate office to call and complain, you will get Suddenlink Customer Service. When you look up the Corporate Office in St. Louis, it says closed permanently, BUT there is a phone number and you call and you get OPTIMUM with the SAME Customer Service prompts its quite the vicious circle.

What a great gig for a business plan...Don't let your customer talk to anyone knowledgeable, make them go through the lower level customer service personnel over and over and over and over. Welcome to Suddenlink Groundhog Day!!

Bottom line, if you are remotely even thinking about suddenlink....RUN in the opposite direction

User's recommendation: RUN!!!

Location: Montgomery, Texas

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