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This company practices shady business practices that seems like they should be illegal. During 2020 when the entire world is having issues with on time postal deliveries, Suddenlink kept charging me late fees for bills even though I pay them as soon as I receive them.

After the first time, I called Customer Service only to be told that it's not them, it's me. I asked to speak to management and was told that no one was available. I left my phone number and asked to have management call me, but no one ever called me back. I later on went ahead and paid the charge just to pay the bill and be done with the drama.

However, Suddenlink sneaks another late fee in shortly after so that they can fraudulently steal more money from me. They also added in a Data Cap Overage charge. I received the bill right before New Year's Day, but obviously couldn't talk to customer service due to the holidays. I tried calling during the weekend and was informed by the automatic system that they are closed until the weekday.

I missed work the next weekday so that I can call Customer Service. They told me that they can't tell me how much data I used or how much I went over by. They can only tell me that I owe them the fee. The CSR was getting irate with my questions even though I was calm with him and was trying to understand how much data they're saying I used.

I later spoke to another CSR, Shan, who was unhelpful and rude. Again, the CSR's can't tell me how I've supposedly incurred this fee. They also can't tell me why I'm getting charged the late fee over and over again even though I explained to them that this sounds like a postal office problem. I asked to speak to management and again am told that management was not available.

I asked for the District Manager's phone number but was told that Shan (CSR) does not know this information or where to find it. She said I need to look online. I asked for management to call me back and explained how I had requested the same thing before only to never get a call from management. I did get a call from management later that day.

Management informs me that they print bills out on 29Dec20 and sends it to me with a billing date of 10Jan21. Is that seriously how much time they allow people?! No wonder I don't get the bills until the last minute. And I ALWAYS turn around and mail the check out right after I get the bill, but they're claiming these fees so they can just scam money from customers.

This is an unethical, immoral company that needs to be shut down or more internet providers should be brought in to break up their monopoly of the area. Is it legal for the company to give people what sounds like about 1 week to pay their bills? If they print them out on 29Dec20, they're probably not shipping them out until a day or 2 after. At that point, I receive the bill and even if I put it back out immediately, they claim they didn't receive it in time and charge me outrageous fees over and over again?

They have never been able to explain how their fees were incurred or take any responsibility on their part.

This company has consistently gotten terrible reviews from the majority of their users due to their corrupt business practices. Something needs to be done.

User's recommendation: Go with literally any other options available to you. This company will scam you out of money at every opportunity.

Monetary Loss: $80.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Suddenlink Pros: Only company in the area.

Suddenlink Cons: Bad customer service with rude people, Price equality, Customer service reps refusal to provide help or information, Fraudulent business charges to scam money from customers, Customer service management refusal to speak to or return calls.

Location: 4114 East 29th Street, Bryan, TX 77802

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I feel your pain!


Absolutely. They charged me equipment fee even though I uses THEIR label on my return and their employee signed for it.

Called like 7-8 times over 7+ months to be told no manager is available and that one would call back.. never did.

They just sent it to collections... insanely terrible company.

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