I am a VIP customer problem is every time it rains I lose all my all three services??Also my bill keeps going up for no reason being a senior citizen I cannot afford this unreasonable prices and will be forced to fine trim my services.I have called several times with no help?Thank you---William

User's recommendation: The cable service on all channels is terrible.

Location: Victoria, Texas

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Ever since Altice became involved with Suddenlink it's been horrible . Our bill is 275 a month now and it used to be 200 .

When you call to see why they have no answer . It's the only cable company in our area that offers 1 gig .


I had suddenlink for almost five years. As of about a month ago, i have changed my service.

1.Very poor service, 2. Outrageously priced, 3. Expect to pay alot of money, to see the same program, over and over. 4.

the employees don't communicate with each other. Five days after i turned in the equipment, an employee, was calling me, to see if he could pick up the equipment,while setting in front of my apartment.

Tried to stop my service,at a earlier time, it took six phone calls, kept getting passed around. Please think, and check your options, unless you want alot of headaches, dealing with this company.

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