Conroe, Texas
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My 69.99 bundle ballooned to $145.43. I expected fees, taxes, but maybe around $25-30 (which is still a jip), but this is mobster like.

Their service is horrible, never hooked up right and they charge another fee every time they come out and "fix" it. Their technician also lied about hooking up devices when installing the wack service they offer, which was another $20.

I mean, who can't hook up internet or put in a wi-fi code on their own? They go into small towns around America and setup shop, just like organized crime in the prohibition era.

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We have no other hard-wired choice here. Honestly, I would be at the public trial with a lit torch, very happy if the city revokes/doesn't renew their charter and make them walk away from their investment so somebody else can manage it properly instead of robbing people of their hard earned money.