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I’m a disabled veteran living on a small Pension. In August 2017 shortly after getting internet service, i sent back there modem and verified that they had received it; they had, in september 2017.

The lady said it would be removed from my account. Today, August 2018, I got my bill. It that has an increase on it, First change in my bill, so i called to find out what for. I’m told it’s for a modem rental and service fee increases.

I told the lady that I don’t have one of your modem. She confirmed that it was returned in Sep 2017 and that i have been paying for it the whole time. She then transfers me to the supervisor for a refund. He explained to me that their police only allow a 30 day refund but he can authorize 90 days for me.

Well what about the other 10 months? No sorry! He told me where to find their policy to that effect. Most every review you read on this company has to do with them charging incorrectly and people fighting to get there money back.

So i was not surprised on them having a policy like this. I was surprised by, how this can be a A+ rated business with BBB!? 1 positive review out of 179 reviews. It’s because of their Business size to complaint ratio.

Only way to change this company’s Business practices, Is more people need to write a review on their issues with them. Not giving me my money back for something that i returned properly is flat out STEALING!

Product or Service Mentioned: Suddenlink Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Suddenlink should be sued, as you are joined by countless other customers in being scammed by them. I'm sorry they treated you this way. We can only hope for someone to start a class-action lawsuit against them.