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IF you’re in a hurry, just watch the video https://youtu.be/SwRDVoFxK9A The rest is what led up to it. When I returned home Thursday afternoon my internet service via Sudden Link was inoperative.

After 3 attempts at resetting modems and routers I figured it was a problem that would sort itself out over night and went to bed. After another attempt in the morning at resetting I called the number on my bill for tech support. They said they were unable to fix anything and would have to send someone on Friday between 6 and 8 PM. A short time later I checked the box outside and found a “trap” in the incoming signal line.

trap = take a co-ax splitter which has one input side and two output sides (thus the name spiller)and with a short piece of co-ax insert the splitter in the signal stream using BOTH OUTPUTS, and you block the outbound signal. An orange tag proclaimed “ingress do not reconnect service until repaired” I removed the trap, connected my service back up and when in to check. Good to go. Later that day when I had finally worked my way into the company of a Sudden Link technical supervisor I am told they were checking for interference and their equipment indicated it was coming from my house.

When I asked why they had not bothered to tell me I was told they left a note on my door, and was then shown a picture of a hang tag on my door he had on his cell phone.

When I came home I took the You tube video I posted off of my security system. https://youtu.be/SwRDVoFxK9A

Product or Service Mentioned: Suddenlink Internet Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Company wrote 0 public responses to the review from Jan 22, 2017.
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College Station, Texas, United States #1282692

Textbook behavior from this predatory and dishonest company. Sadly, the BBB's reputation is no longer what it was; the parent corporation of this pernicious company (Altice, Inc.) has an A+ from the BBB!

Even in light of the THOUSANDS of complaints and negative reviews.

I challenge someone to find a single, legitimate positive review of this company.

Do as I am doing, continue to post your experience along with the thousands of other victims and advocate for other carriers to offer service in your area. We're starting a grassroots effort to undermine these scumbags and get them out of Texas.

College Station, Texas, United States #1276096

Please do as I have done and file a complaint with the BBB. The only way to address a predatory monopoly like this is to get competition in, and the only way to do that is to inform people of Suddenlink's unscrupulous and dishonest practices.

to Anonymous Grove, Oklahoma, United States #1276314

Dear Anon :

SUDDENLINK WILL NOT do anything with a

BBB complaint, but respond with a cookie

cutter reply, spouting that they are RIGHT,

and their subscribers are WRONG.

SUDDENLINK is a criminal organization, utterly without any merits, whatever. HES

Suddenlink Help
Tyler, Texas, United States #1275363

Hi - My name is Heather with Suddenlink Communications. I spoke with you via email when you sent this information to us.

Per our previous correspondence this information was communicated to the leadership team and corrective action has been taken regarding the technician in question.

We have attempted to contact you several times, but have been unable to receive a response from you. If there is anything additionally that we can do for you please contact me directly at: socialsupport-AT-suddenlink-DOT-com - Thanks.

to Suddenlink Help Grove, Oklahoma, United States #1277039

Forget these so-called "agents" that have these

phony names, like " Heather ", and " Susie " and

" Sadie ". They're robots. They ask you to send

messages to an e-mail address, then, when you

do, they mail you back, telling you that YOU'RE

WRONG, and THEY'RE RIGHT, about EVERYTHING, and, further, that they refuse to be reasonable about anything.

to Suddenlink Help #1534556

I was surprised by, how this can be a A+ rated business with BBB!? 1 positive review out of 179 reviews.

It’s because of their Business size to complaint ratio. Only way to change this company’s Business practices, Is more people need to write a reviews on their issues with them.

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