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My internet is always slow, and when I say slow, I mean Netflix-has-to-stop-constantly-to-load-slow, and that in it self is completely ridiculous. And we pay for 3 meg and you can see for yourself what we're getting.

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My phone service did not work for the last few weeks; on 07-26-2015 my wife spoke with suddenlink rep, Mick who advised he would have someone come to the house for a service call.As of 08-03-2015 we had not heard from anyone regarding the service call.

I did on 08-03-2015 receive a flier saying that we needed to upgrade our internet and that it could be accomplished by coming by and picking up a new box. I then went to our local suddenlink office where I was told that they would have to install our internet box since we also had telephone service through suddenlink. At that time I again told the lady of our phone troubles at which time she looked it up and advised that a work request had been made by Mick but not sure why it had not been handled. She then told me that she would put it in the computer and that the automated system would contact me when they were en route to my house.

(As of this date 08-11-2015, still have not got that call either, so I guess no upgraded internet speed for me but the full price of high internet). On 08-07-2015 I did find in my mailbox an offer for NEW Costumers of T.V. and the very same internet I should have for $50.00. This did not sit well with me as I pay $68.00 for a phone that doesn’t work and the same internet.

I did call suddenlink at that time and spoke to Jose about the offer for 50.00 t.v/internet vs. my package and explained to Jose my issues. Jose was very nice and very polite to me but really could not answer as to why new customers were more valued then 15 year customers. I did explain to Jose that I would like to cancel my phone at that time as I was not satisfied and Jose referred me to the retention department.

The lady in the retention department although nice was not very helpful and could also not really explain to me why new customers were more important than 15 year customers. The best she was willing to do for me was phone and internet for $53.00, which to me is still hard to swallow as a new customer gets t.v. / internet for $50.00. Really that the best you can do?

Also she advised that since our phone was not working she would adjust our bill to reflect so. I checked and it is only 65.00 this month not 68.00 so I guess 1.00 for each week of no phone service? Nice that she did that for me what a sweet gesture. The main reason for having Suddenlink phone was to monitor our alarm system, which is not happening at this time.

So by not having a working phone I am paying $28.95 for an alarm that is not being monitored. So suddenlink considers the safety of my home not worth their time? To fix this issue I did contact my alarm provider who advised me for $6.00 extra a month they could monitor our alarm via cell phone. So now I have to take time out of my schedule to allow the alarm company to come install new equipment so the alarm can be monitored through our cell phones.

Also since I am a long term VALUED customer with my alarm company they are installing $250.00 worth of equipment free of charge to me, since they value my business as a long term customer, please take note sudden link! Word of advice, if you only care about new customers and cutting breaks to them then please don’t once a month send to 15 year customers a list of all the perks you give to new customers. It is an insult and a terrible marketing idea! At least invest a little effort in figuring out where your long term customers live and exclude sending then all the great deals you offer to new customers .I will be looking to change services this month.

In looking at suddenlink reviews and complaints, I see suddenlink has a patent sorry answer that they tend to give for those who complain. This too is a bad practice, If you truly care about doing good business then save your paten EXAMPLE-“ Suddenlink Help- Hello - My name is Kacie, and I'm with Suddenlink. We're sorry to hear that you've been experiencing an issue with your internet service. We'd be happy to help.

Please feel free to email us directly with your service address, and please reference this post. Our email address is social lsupport-AT-suddenlink-DOT-com.

Thank you, -Kacie”.Looking forward to you’re paten responce .

Suddenlink Help

Hello - My name is Kacie, and I'm with Suddenlink.We're sorry to hear that you've been experiencing an issue with your internet service.

We'd be happy to help. Please feel free to email us directly with your service address, and please reference this post.

Our email address is socialsupport-AT-suddenlink-DOT-com.Thank you, -Kacie

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