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we have been paying $5 a month for over ten years under the pretense, that it was for it was for service calls. now under this new management ,we are be charged $50 dollars for new equip.

or line work. ok, sounds reasonable the first time , now being charged again ,with no new equip.

plus if we pay an additional $5 a month we don't have to pay the $50 dollar service charge ,so i ask what happened too the $5 we've been pay for these ten years and they say they can't find it on our bill,so i can only conclude that the first $500 just disappeared. then they wonder why people are trying to run away as fast as they can............

Review about: Suddenlink Internet Plan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Easy setup.

I didn't like: Raising prices.

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The $5 is a voluntary charge for a protection plan covering truck rolls, think of it as insurance. If you have it and something happens to the cable/phone lines in the home(for example your dog chews them up) or if the problem is caused by the customer(you switched the input on the TV by accident and don't know how to fix) or by customer owned equipment, it's covered.

If you do not have the protection plan and something like the above examples happen you will be charged a Service Fee at the technician's discretion. Tech's usually only charge the fee if the issue is extremely time consuming(hours), if multiple tech's have recently been out for the same problem, or if the customer is an as*hole.

To be clear Suddenlink will never charge a customer for issues with the company's equipment or lines unless caused by the customer. IE you spilled a beer on the cable box or roaches crawled into and fried the modem.

You may want to verify on a recent bill issued prior to the $50 fee service that you do have the protection plan.

Also please be aware that even with the protection plan your bill will still show the $50 service fee but then will show a credit removing it. The charge is on the bill for bookkeeping reasons and to show customers where the protection plan covered them.


Sorry, I'm not quite clear about your problem.

What were the $5 monthly charges alleged purpose ?

It's unconscionable for ownership to levy improvement costs against consumers.

I ran a business for 40 years (an equipment intensive manufacturing plant) and

never, once, did I have the luxury of arbitrarily adding such fees to customers' invoices.

What a reputable company does is either A: lease the equipment themselves, or B: purchase new equipment using available tax and depreciation options over a predetermined structured life span. So yeah, sounds like you're being had.

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