Amarillo, Texas
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This relationship with Suddenlink has been the most abusive consumer product relationship I have ever tried repeatedly to leave. I say repeatedly because after they keep you on the phone for 2 hours trying to prevent you from cancelling your service...

they finally tell you they will. And then they DON'T CANCEL your service. No one can help you when you call, you are on hold for 15-30 mins at a time while they go to lunch or whatever. Same script, every time you call - "no one here who can help you." After fighting for over a month to get my internet service disconnected, they send me a bill for another month of service!

Spent hours on the phone, much of that time on hold, same script...

"no one here who can help you." This sorry excuse for a company is hemorrhaging customers, has a 1.6 rating on google, and has received over 5,000 complaints at the BBB in just the last 3 years. No one wonders at all why.

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