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My husband paid Suddenlink with an electronic check through our bank online, and according to our records, the check was written on June 21st and delivered to your company on June 28th. On July 2nd, I woke up to no internet.

Contacted your office, where I was advised our services were turned off for lack of payment. Checked our bank records and it showed you guys were paid. To get the internet back on, I paid the $208.38 again by credit card. Called your company that day and they said to call back in 5 days.

Called today, as we don't have a credit for $208.38, and after trying to tell him 4 times what had happened, the employee gave me a confirmation number, but I am really not sure as to why, as I had an extremely hard time communicating with him. Also my online Suddenlink bill shows zero balance, yet on the phone today, it says I owe $10.00.

What is going on with your company? What is the $10.00 charge for?It wilt will I

User's recommendation: It will do no good to call a representative.

Location: Kingman, Arizona

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