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Lost internet service in July 2020. Had 3 different techs come out over a 2 week period, after the third try they got my internet to working.

I get my next bill and there is a 60.00 charge for a service call. I called on 8/26/2020 and talked to Angie, she said she would put notes on my account and try to get the charge removed. I paid my bill on time as I have for the last 20 years with a note inside saying why I was not paying the 60.00 service charge. Got my next bill and the 60.00 charge was still there and now there is a 10.00 late charge.

Called 9/28/2020 talked to Olivia and she was able to get me a 24.00 credit for the service time lost, but would not budge on the 10.00 late fee.

So I am shopping now for bundled service from another company. I have been with Suddenlink for many years always paid bill on time, but this really hacks me to not be able to get the 60.00 service call waived and then the 10.00 late fee, and then Olivia was like talking to a brick wall.

User's recommendation: I would tell them all is well until you have an issue and have to call for service because there is none.

Product or Service Mentioned: Suddenlink Bundle.

Monetary Loss: $54.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Suddenlink Pros: No pros.

Suddenlink Cons: Billing errors and long wait times on phone for service.

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I agree they do have horrible customer and I wouldn't recommend their service to Satan. They will hand up on you.

They will put you on hold for long periods of time. They don't document the accounts like they claim they do. The bill is never the same and it always go up for no reason. They tell you they gone give you a credit and never does.

They charge you for service you didn't have. I hate a switched over to them. This company has turned out to be a rip off. We were trying to lower our bill and it went up to almost 200.00.

The Altice service is not good as the old system. The all in one is really bad and the service goes out a lot so when that happens you have no internet, phone or cable. They owe us for almost a month worth of service and refuse to give it to us not to mention when we had the storm here in Texas our service was down more than it was up and therefore we had no cable, phone, or internet.

Suddenlink is nothing like it used to be and the customer service since they changed it to over the phone has really went down hill. I wouldn't even give them a star and I have worked in customer service for 30 years.

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