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Suddenlink, why is my internet disappearing every day? For no observable reason? At eclectic hours? For varied intervals?


Because despite my attempt to remain cordially polite, I am quite angry over this development. Never mind the fact that I've never gotten even 1mB/s download speed in my life, the fact that you throttle them to begin with, the fact that using skype or livestream is a joke, or that playing games online ain't happenin' -- never mind that for now. At least I get internet at all. That is more than I can say for my stint with Verizon.

So at least I got internet at all. Thank you for providing the service I pay you the worth of my kidneys for, even if it's done in a mediocre fashion.

Now tell me, please, why the *** my internet and phone lines keep going down entirely, for minutes to hours each day, several times a day, each and every day, since the beginning of July. If it was because of the derecho that hit us in June, I would understand. Except my internet worked perfectly peachily once the power came back, so you can't use that excuse, and don't try to. If it was because of the other monsoons we have here, I would not be here -- thunderstorms are an acceptable and easily-observed cause for an outage. As a cause, these are easily jossed.

My modem is also not the issue here. The first reason for this rationalization is that the modem going out wouldn't affect the phone, and the two services always go out simultaneously. The second reason is that I have both never had a problem with this modem before, and reset it to see if it was indeed the problem. It is not my modem. Nor do I need to restart my computer, as the internet going out inhibits all WiFi-enabled devices... not just an individual laptop. More importantly, this again would not affect the phone lines. The final reason for my belief is that DNS errors are usually a fault on the ISP's end, not the consumer.

Funnily enough, my internet is out right now. I will have to wait for it to come back to send this complaint -- awfully convenient for you guys, isn't it? Indeed it is, but as it seems others with Suddenlink are having this issue, I'm not paranoid enough to believe this is a personal attack. What good would driving away your business do, anyway?

Incidentally, that's what this current loss of internet service is doing. Driving away me, your business. If this keeps up, I will find another provider of the services I need... and that will be difficult, because you are the least-crappy company around here.

Do fix this problem, Suddenlink. I don't hate you. I just want the damned services you are being paid to provide.

... I also don't want to pay for this month's services, seeing at I only had them for a few hours a day (my sleep schedule means that I can assure you this has been happening at ALL hours,) but I know that's NOT gonna happen.

So in lieu of fairness, please fix your *** service so I can do the things I need to do.

Thank you so very much.

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Charleston, West Virginia, United States #1210672

Me too! Same *** different day & state but same daily unreliability!


Ironically disconnecting & reconnecting the coaxial cable usually solves the problem for a bit until it goes out again, but who wants to do this? About to settle for slow DSL from another provider.................


I am on your side. They are complete idiots!

I hate calling cause you always get someone who thinks they KNOW WAY more than you do! We call them WeakestLink here. Although I do understand their name of "Sudden"ly out!

Same idiots turned my DEAD mom in for less than $35 and want to give NEW customers all the great deals but wanna *** OVER existing customers. YO--WEAKEST LINK...don't want a crazy *** in your face-----STOP the ***!


I agree. Why doesn't Suddenlink give us the product we are paying for?

I have had so many problems with them since they took over the Northern Arizona area. And now their representatives are lying to us about our appointment times (e.g., we took off Monday to have someone come out again [for the 7th or 8th time] and every time we called to find out why they were their at the appointed time, they stated that they were running late and gave a time an hour or so later. By 930pm we called again wondering how long we needed to wait up for them and the Suddenlink operator told us that we never had an appointment today but that it was scheduled for the next day. REALLY?

Nobody could be here on Tuesday and we rearranged our schedules to be here on Monday. So we scheduled again for Wednesday morning between 8am and 10am - again taking time off of work. This morning I called to confirm it just after 8am. They told me they were here yesterday and that they were never scheduled to come this morning!!!!

And here's another interesting fact - if they were here why are the problems still there??? And slightly worse and getting worse as time goes on??

I have NEVER dealt with such a terrible company, unreliable company in my life! This is ridiculous.

Suddenlink Help

Hi - Tina from Suddenlink here. So sorry to hear about the issues you have been experiencing with your service.

I'd be happy to help.

Please contact me directly at tina-AT-suddenlink-DOT-com. Thanks!

to Suddenlink Help #1376061



at 2909 south leonard road

st joe, mo 64503-4701

my internet goes out all the time, I have had techs come by, if no results.

please help 402 312 5430

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