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I am NOT paying $120 dollars for **** channels!!! What the ***???

MTV, VH1 and Nick is all my kids I babysit and I watch other than the news which I could get with antennas for ALOT cheaper. And its GONE!!! I HATE suddenlink so much words cant describe it. Call Viacom and tell them we want our cannels back..or Do yall not care about your costumers at all??

Well Im sure dish and direct TV do.

Thats why I will be switching. Do yourself a favor suddenlink and give them back before everyone drops yall and yall go belly up.

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Alexandria, Louisiana, United States #879107

$140 for basic and 15 meg internet with dvr. Direct tv quoted me all the channels including paid channels, internet and 4 Dvrs for $125.

(ALL CHANNELS). Suddenlink is so sorry and so @#! $*&@$ high its ridiculous. I hate them worser than my ex wife.


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